Julia Gravois 

Studio #1


Originally from Minsk, Belarus, Julia earned her masters degrees in Applied Math and from Belorussian Politechnic Academy and Nova Southeastern University. After meeting her husband John Gravois and moving to Southeastern Louisiana, an artistic impulse lead Julia to Studio One, located in Houma, Louisiana. There, she had the opportunity to study with Henry Hensche-inspired artists Dottie Biliu-Hensche, Sammy Britt, Stephen Perkins and Dianne Trevino and develop her visual perception. Julia later studied figure and portrait drawing and painting with Dan Thompson.

The New Orleans Academy of Fine Arts became another wonderful source for her artistic development, where she studied drawing with Carol Peebles and Auseklis Ozols.

In the summer of 2012, Julia studied figure and portrait painting in Florence Academy in Italy. She was also able to study with Jeremy Lipking. In her own work, Julia Gravois uses the language of color and light to portray the subject before her in the most truthful and honest way. She continues to refine this language of expression through her own practice and study with her favorite master artists.She works in oil, pastels, and charcoal. Her favorite subjects are human beings.

Julia lives in New Orleans with her husband, her daughter, Anna,and their labrador retriever,
Bim Gravois.




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