“Orphan of the Storm” 12”X12” – Encaustic on birch panel. 2019

 Marsden Leverich Moran 

Studio #2


Marsden Leverich Moran, is a New Orleans Native who has lived with his family in New Orleans, Hawaii, and Connecticut. By education, Marsden is a Biology Major who ultimately turned to Fine Arts for his bachelor’s degree (Sewanee), followed by a Master of Architecture degree (Yale). He was a photographer/navigator in the United States Submarine Service, followed by a career as an architect-who-painted. He is now a painter who occasionally designs buildings, and fondly remembers the adventure of nuclear submarines. He believes the label, Artist, is existential, not professional. Artists are. Moran paints because he must.

Three practice qualities drive Marsden’s work: 

•  The primacy of the craft of drawing. 

•  The power of the story. 

•  The liberating practice of shifting point of view, invoking memory, and practicing incessant observation. They reveal connection points in the story, and assure a process that can be messy, non-linear, and ultimately packed with pleasure and delight.

Marsden’s media of choice are hot encaustic on wood panel and acrylic on canvas. Subjects tend to be figurative and loosely narrative. He is drawn to encaustics by the sheer degree of difficulty and the fact that the medium deprives him of his affection for the long line. The trade-off is the opportunity for complex narrative layering with encaustics. Marsden balances his fascination for loss of control with a planned approach to building a painting. There is a delicious tension in his process.




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